RV Sign - Sirocka 2ft

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RV Cedar Sign

Recreational Vehicle Sign
The Sirockas
Russell and Susan
Peculiar, MO
Home is where we park it!
Ford Truck and Fifth Wheel Trailer
2 foot Cedar Sign


This is a custom made Camping Sign for a previous customer. We will be happy to make you a Campsite Sign to display on your Camper or at your Recreational Vehicle Campsite. Display a Campsite Sign on your Camper or at your campsite to let people know who you are and where you're from.  It's a great way to express your enjoyment of your RV and of the Camping Lifestyle.  Perfect for all types of Campers and RVs. Whether your Camper is a Popup Trailer, a Fifth Wheel, a Travel Trailer, a Class C or Class A Motorhome, a Camper sign like this is what you need.  Our Camper Signs are custom carved Cedar Signs made from a Natural Edge Cedar Slab to your design.

We work with you to create a RV Sign just for you.  Tell us what you want your RV Sign to say, and the types of image or images you'd like, and we'll work up several previews and email them to you.

We have images of beautiful Campsites with lakes or mountains and other natural settings, and all types of RVs including Popup Campers, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheel Campers, Class A Motorhomes, and Class C Motorhomes.  Your Camping sign does not have to use the same image as the one displayed, we'll put anything you like on your Campsite Sign.

People often put their last name and possibly their first names on the sign as well as where they are from.  Sometimes they'll include their kids names or pets name in smaller text on the camping sign and ocassionally a saying such as 'Home is where we Part it', or 'Happy Campers', possibly 'Happy Wanderers'. Snowbirds often include their campsite number if they have a semi permanent winter location in a Florida, California, Arizona or similar RV park.

We'll work back and forth with you till we get your Camping Sign just the way you want. 

You can look through more of our Gallery for ideas for your RV Sign, though you are not limited to the layouts you see there. We'll modify or combine images or create something completely new to meet your needs.

Our RV Signs are carved on a natural cedar slab with natural edges and finished with a high quality Log Cabin finish for a long outdoor life.

A 2 foot sign with a rope hanger is the most commonly chosen size and hanging method for a Camper Sign, but we can make your sign in any length desired - just place an order in the Purchase section of the website for the length of Campsite Sign you desire.