Cedar Sign FAQ : Supply a picture

Can I supply a picture to use on the sign?

The answer is a 'qualified' Yes.

For rustic cedar signs such as these, we need images that would look good as a black and white rendering. We can directly use quality vector files such as .EPS, .AI, and sometimes .DXF. If you have a company logo that has been drawn in a vector format to create a vinyl sign, we can work with that. We can easily convert high resolution black and white images such as a decal or a tatoo.

If you want a picture of your motorcycle, or your dog, your cabin, or something similar on your sign it can be done, but there is likely to be an extra cost for rendering the photo to a black and white image we can use on this type of sign. The additional cost will depend on the quality and contrast of the photo and would likely be in the $35 to $85 range.

If you have a question whether we can use a particular picture you'd like on your cedar sign and what it might cost, feel free to contact us at info@cedarslabsigns.com.