Cedar Sign FAQ : Fonts

What fonts are available?

We can carve many fonts on your cedar sign, though there are a number we use commonly on our rustic signs:

Available Fonts

It's often a good idea to look through our gallery and see if there are any signs or previews we've created that feature fonts you like and let us know what they are when you place your order and we'll use them when creating your sign designs.

Often people ordering a sign just tell us they want a sign that says the Smith's, (John and Jane) and they'd like a picture of a Harley motorcycle, and we draw up two or three ideas with motorcycle images and a variety of fonts to send them as previews to look at. We can then mix and match the fonts and images they like to create a new preview if needed.

If you're going for a particular look for your sign such as rustic, western, handwritten, elegant, or whimsical, just let us know and we'll see what we can come up with.

You can also look at fonts on a font site such as www.dafont.com, www.myfonts.com or letterheadfonts.com for ideas. Keep in mind that fonts with rough edges or very skinny fonts may not look good in a carved sign. If you really need to use a font that has a cost for some reason and we don't already own it, there may be an additional cost involved in purchasing it for your sign.

If you have a question whether we have or can get a particular font you'd like on your sign, feel free to contact us at info@cedarslabsigns.com.