Cedar Sign FAQ : Christmas Orders

When should I order to recieve a sign in time for Christmas?

Things get pretty busy during the Christmas season and our signs are custom made for you, so it's best to order your sign early to make sure it arrives in plenty of time for the Holidays!

We recommend that you place Christmas orders between October 1st and November 30th.

If you're running late, even up to the 'last minute', our signs still make a great gift.  If it's too late for the sign to be delivered in time for Christmas, you WILL have a picture of the sign design, and possibly even a picture of the completed sign, that you can give to the recipient and be able to tell them their sign is on the way.


Delivery by Christmas of orders placed after the 1st cannot be guaranteed.  We make a custom product that is designed and made just for you and it takes some time to do. Combine longer shipping times near Christmas and the time required in transit to different areas of the country and we can't be sure when the exact cutoff for shipping to your area will be.  We'll still get a lot more signs ordered after December 1st out before Christmas, we just want to be upfront and honest and let you know there is a possiblilty an order placed after December 1st won't make it in time. 

Even if you order after the 1st and right up to Christmas Eve, You WILL have a preview picture to give the recipient , and possibly a picture of the completed sign if it's still in transit, so our signs make good last minute gifts as well.