Custom Carved Cedar Signs

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Our beatiful carved Cedar Slab Signs will look fantastic on the front porch of your log cabin, the deck of your lake home, in front of your cottage, at your RV campsite, or at the front gate to your farm or ranch. Our personalized Cedar Signs have been used on boat docks, hunting leases, in gardens, at hunting and fishing lodges, businesses, fishing shacks made from used pallets and million dollar homes! 

Signs for Cabins, Cottages, Vacation Homes, RV, Farm, or Ranch

 We have been custom carving cedar signs for more than 10 years here in the heart of the Ozarks.  We have carved log cabin signs, farm signs, ranch signs, signs for lake homes, rural property signs, address signs, family signs, vacation home signs, boat dock signs, business and commercial signs, and made cedar signs for many other uses.

We work with you to create the carved sign you want! Signs are priced only by the length of the sign so you can include any number of letters or images you desire for no extra fee, to create the sign that suits you to a 'T'.

Our personalized signs are custom carved to your specifications from aromatic Eastern Red Cedar with it's beautiful red heartwood and white sapwood. The signs are carved from a cedar slab cut from local trees on a nearby sawmill and the top and bottom are natural edges of the tree with all the unique shapes, knots and curves nature provides. We use a premium finish designed for log cabins for a long, low maintenance life for your sign.

We work with you on the design of the sign to get it just the way you want before we carve it. Our signs are not pre-carved or pre-designed, so work does not begin till we get your order and we don't limit you to a small selection of images. Tell us what you want, and we'll create and send you previews of ideas for your sign within a few days of receiving your order. We'll work back and forth with you until we get it just the way you want it, and once you approve the final proof, we'll carve it in a natural cedar slab. Cedar Signs are normally ready to ship within two weeks of your approval of the final proof.

While cedar slab signs are our bread and butter, we do make custom 3d carved and large signs. Take a look at our gallery for ideas and then contact us and we'll be happy to make just what you're looking for.

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