Cedar Slab Sign 4 foot

A 4 foot wide custom Cedar Sign

A 4 foot wide personalized Cedar Sign carved just the way you want it.  We make Cedar Signs for any purpose - Lodge Signs, Address Signs, Cabin Signs, Farm Signs or any type of Rustic Sign you desire.   Tell us what you need the sign to say, and the types of image or images you'd like, and we'll work up several previews and email them to you.  We'll then work back and forth till we get it just the way you want. There is NO extra cost per letter or to include images on your sign. You can look through our Gallery for ideas, though you are not limited to the layouts you see there. We'll modify or combine images or create something completely new to meet your needs.

Our signs are carved on a cedar slab with natural edges and finished with a log cabin finish for a long outdoor life.


Price: $175.00
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